My Story

Hello, I am Natalie and welcome to my wee blog.

This space is a vehicle for me to share my thoughts and experiences with mental health. By documenting my progress, this blog can allow me to foresee any pitfalls and generally give me a creative outlet.

My story is a long one but I will briefly narrate my journey so far;

Mental Illness was significantly present in my life from the early teenage years, although undetected by myself and often noticed by my peers.

Alongside mental instability, I was often sick with kidney & bladder infections, with little to no idea why this was happening or how to help it - even with many hospital stays and treatments.

Plagued by intense bouts of depression and mania, it took an extreme episode of psychosis for me to stand up and admit that something was seriously wrong.

In early 2015, after a stay in a psych ward, I was finally diagnosed with comorbid Bipolar 1 disorder and PTSD.

I learned that my physical health was greatly impacted by my mental health and was later diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis.

All of these conditions have led to severe tweaks in lifestyle.

For me, balance is crucial.

Carefully planned self-care strategies and upholding them is key to my health, recovery and success.

Being diagnosed with a mental health disorder alone is a tough feat, and something I still struggle with to this day but, many years later I can say to you. . .


I currently live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and if I’m not dog walking or doing something hospitality related, I’m spilling my thoughts here or on Instagram.

I like to think that I manage with, not suffer from, chronic illness.

To learn more about my journey with mental health, read my coming out story here.

Love xo

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