Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Why can't I use the party hat emoji on blogger?

Because there bloody well should be a party hat on this post!

It happened.

As of Friday, May 1st 2020 at precisely 2.15pm I was discharged from outpatient psychiatric care.

My psychiatrist said with great delight that the next time he will see me is when I am on the psych ward working peer support for Mental Health Recovery Partners. MHRP are a local non-profit that offers support and educational programs in the community and I have been lucky enough to have been working with them these past few months.


I can't believe this day has finally come and I'm so proud of all my hard work - cause you know, it does pay off.

6 years ago I was a mess. 5 1/2 years ago I reached out and admitted I needed help.

No it's not been plain sailing but every moment that led to here was worth it.

The trial and error with medications, the CBT classes, the therapy, going back to university to take abnormal psychology classes. . all of it has led to this.

To recovery.

I had the education and tools to manage with Bipolar 1 & PTSD and I KNOW I can keep this up.

Wooooo. What a feeling!!

Love xo

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