Friday, 9 June 2017


The king of all bipolar meds. This is where the change all began, for me - and where the blog name came from haha. This guy has been around the psychiatric field for over 60 years and is still widely used to treat manic symptoms of bipolar disorder. Although a great deal is still unknown about its mood balancing capabilities, we do know that it is a salt of carbonate and that it has well known positive effects on mood stabilization. The one kicker with this med is that it is also lethal, the wrong dose can in fact kill you or send you into a coma like Miss Kay Redfield Jamison.

For me, when starting this med a few things happened. First my mania seemed to stabilize, which was good. Then I noticed the negative. I began having tremors, my hands would shake uncontrollably to the point where I wouldn't go for coffee with friends or wear eye makeup. My skin started to break out as if I were a teenager and the thirst, by golly gosh, the thirst was uncontrollable. Still is in fact. At night I can scarf down 6+ pints of water. The other bothersome side effects are now long gone, but the thirst remains.

Lithium may also be known to cause:

* Dizziness & Drowsiness

* Weight gain

* Increased thirst

* Increased urination

* Tremors

* Tiredness

* Diarrhea

* Joint swelling

* Vision Changes

** Please keep in mind that all medication should be okayed by your health care practitioner. Side effects experienced will be different for each person and what is expressed above is from my own personal experience.