My Story

Hello, I am Natalie and welcome to my wee blog.

This space is a vehicle for me to share my thoughts and experiences with bipolar disorder, allowing me to document my progress, foresee any pitfalls and generally allow me to have a creative outlet.

My story is a long one but I will briefly narrate my journey so far;

Bipolar was significantly present in my life from the early teenage years. Although undetected by myself and often noticed by my peers, it took a long time for diagnosis and eventually acceptance.

Plagued by bouts of depression and mania, it took an extreme episode of psychosis and hospitalization to fully understand what was going on.

Being diagnosed with a mental health disorder was a tough feat, and something I still struggle with to this day. Through it all I have managed to hold down a job, care for my four legged friend Sandy the Chiweenie, and as of late,  I have went back to university in a bid to learn this illness inside out.

For me, balance is crucial.

Carefully planned self care strategies and upholding them, is key to my health, recovery and success.

I like to think that I manage with, not struggle with, bipolar 1 disorder.

To learn more about my tussle with mental health, read my coming out story here.

Love xo

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